Four Timeless Interior Design Trends that will Make You Want to Redecorate in 2019!

Minimalism is still a modern classic, however comfort and warmth are taking centre stage this year.

Be careful- these decor ideas might just inspire you to redecorate this year! 

2019 Interior Design Trend #1- Terrazzo 

Source: Coodecor

Terrazzo is the Italian word for terrace, and this traditional form has exploded in design communities around the world. 

It is characterised by its “less than perfect” shapes and off-hue colours. Burnt orange and ochre have joined alongside green in the 2019 colour palettes to bring us fresh inspiration away from black, white and grey. 

If you don’t want to commit to a full overhaul in the name of the latest interior design trends, don’t worry! You can still enjoy the terrazzo trend. 

Incorporate smaller decor items like table trays, side tables and crockery and match them with more classic furniture pieces in the same rich terrazzo colours. 

2019 Interior Design Trend #2- Green

Source: Shutterfly

Emerald. Olive. Forest. Earthy. 

No matter what shade, green is in!

If you have ever thought about drastically changing up your living room design, now is the time to take a chance on accent pieces. Green velvet couches and plants galore are taking over grey and white living rooms. 

Match this colour scheme with the earthy terrazzo tones, subdued pastels and gold decor for a truly unique living space. 

2019 Interior Design Trend #3- Hygge 

Source: Pixabay

Even if you don’t know what “hygge” is, you have probably experienced it. 

This word comes from Danish culture and is all about valuing comfort, warmth and “togetherness”.  

It is that ultimate feeling of cosy happiness. 

Hygge is your favourite mug on a cold morning. It is inviting a friend over and talking on the couch with blankets.

It is not exactly a “new” trend, but it is still dominating interior design at the moment. Comfort will never go out of style! 

The feeling of hygge can be created regardless of your colour scheme! However, using neutrals matched with soft lighting will have the best effect. 

2019 Interior Design Trend #4- Curved lines

Source: Sophie Robinson 

Round edges and wavy lines are making a come back, and the result is some seriously hip furniture. 

The curvy design trend lends itself to hygge interiors. Cosy couches and soft lines will help make your guests feel at home. However, it is also giving us 70’s throwbacks!

Some easy ways to incorporate this curved line trend is to add things like round ottomans, mirrors, side tables and creative art pieces. 


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