Seven Ways to Instantly Create a More Luxurious Home

How to make your home look more expensive and luxurious

You want your living space to be an experience. 

When people walk in, you want them to feel like they are stepping into something special!

Finding the time and having the confidence to update your entire living space can be challenging and daunting.

We are sharing 7 easy ways you can instantly create a more beautiful, luxurious home.


#1 Embace Minimalism

When you start thinking about luxury home decor ideas, you need to start thinking about minimalism.

A home with a few signature furniture pieces has a much more luxe feeling than cramming a lot of furniture in. 

For example, a high end shoe store with only a few key pieces has a very different atmosphere to a large warehouse with hundreds of shoes. 

If nothing else, keep your decor simple! Declutter surfaces and be intentional with your smaller decor items. 

#2 Greenery

Greenery instantly elevates a space. 

It will make your living room feel more luxurious while still remaining “homey”. And the best part? It will never go out of style! 

The key to luxurious greenery is not to overdo it. 

You don’t want to clutter up your space by accident. For example, add some height difference with a tall fern in the corner rather than putting a pot plant on a surface. 

#3 Strategic Lighting

One of the easiest ways to update your living space is to improve the indoor lighting

A light, airy space will always have a hint of luxury. You can make your space look more expensive by decluttering, and then lighting it up properly. 

If you want to avoid your space feeling too clinical, make sure you stick to warm, yellow lighting. If you want brilliant neutrals, opt for white. 

#4 Add Strategic Mirrors

As well as improving your lighting, adding mirrors will open up your living space. 

A mirror will help you capture more natural light, and help your rooms look bigger and more lush. 

Rounded edges are one of the biggest interior design trends this year - so take advantage of the softer lines.

#5 Think Metallics

You can easily add a touch of luxury to your living space by opting for metallics. 

Gold, rose gold and bronze feature pieces instantly create a high end atmosphere. Like mirrors, it gives natural and installed lights something to reflect off.

Make sure you don’t overdo this trend! A few highlights here and there are sufficient. 

#6 The Rule of Three

This is one of the simplest design tricks in the book: do things in threes. 

If you are going to add luxe decor, group it together with two other things. For the best result, have three different pieces that are all different heights. 

To keep a minimal, decluttered feeling, try putting your decor pieces on trays if they are on a flat surface like a coffee table

#7 Choose Luxe Materials

Velvet. Marble. Hard wood. 

There is no doubt that some materials are associated with luxury more than others! 

Using these materials in your interior design will help make your home look more expensive without trying. 

Look for simple ways to incorporate these classic trends - velvet cushions, side tables and dark wood dining tables are all relatively easy ways to fit this into your existing style. 

Creating a more luxurious living space doesn’t have to be difficult! Check out our full range of modern luxury furniture here.

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