Buying Online Check List

Buying online can save hours and hours of leg work and lots and lots of dollars!

For some people, buying online can be a little confusing and a little daunting though!

At Lounj Living we are committed to assisting our customers with their buying decision as much as possible!

There are a few general rules when it comes to shopping online and it basically comes down to thorough checking and doing your homework.

Basically when shopping online you want to ensure that the product you are viewing and ordering meets your expectations when it arrives at your home.

Online shopping really isn't that difficult if you just do a thorough check of what you are purchasing.


  • Scrutinise the product pictures - don't just glance over the image - blow it up and take notice of the texture, the colour, the fabric and the materials the item is made from. At Lounj Living we are selective of the items we sell so you can also rest assured that we will not offer you a product that is tinny, flimsy or of poor quality.


  • Analyse the room the item is going into - visualise the piece in the space - does it match the decor in relation to colour and style? CHECK THE SIZE OF THE ITEM FITS COMFORTABLY INTO THE SPACE! Is the function of the piece considered - is it going to be a high use item or more decorative - is the sofa going to have kids jumping all over it?


  • Measure the space - this is a must, especially with sofas! A great way to    gauge a space is to lay out newspaper - it's quick and accurate! If you are  measuring for a sofa, make sure you check the depth .. deep sofas close  up rooms very quickly!


  • Read the product descriptions carefully - this will give a good indication of the quality of the item.


  • Check the delivery times and stock availability - although a lot of products are in stock there are some that need to be ordered in advance.


    *Our in house Stylists have years and years of experience in styling homes and we love to receive images of interiors to advise on!